Sponsor a child

Too poor, the parents of the 210 children at the Mitantana centre have great difficulty in providing them with schooling.

With 1€ per day (30 euros per month) you allow a child to build a better future.

By sponsoring a child, you support him/her in the material (schooling, food, health, games), relational (by letters and parcels) and spiritual (by your prayers) fields.

To be a sponsor of a child of  Centre Mitantana means :

  • to support his schooling
  • to allow him to receive a hot meal from Monday to Friday
  • to provide access for safe drinking water, hygiene and health care
  • corresponding with your godchild through letters, photos and parcels
  • to follow up his schooling over the years

Make contact via Email or use our direct contact form..

Our bank accounts (Reference: Help Madagascar):

Gospelhouse Baden-Baden
Evangelische Bank
IBAN DE86 5206 0410 0006 4259 68

Gospelhouse Kehl
Sparkasse Hanauerland
IBAN DE85 6645 1862 0000 0147 96

Treffpunkt Leben Karlsruhe
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN DE45 6602 0500 0007 7227 01

The donations are tax deductable and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.