About us

Our history

In 2007, faced with the difficult living conditions of children from rural areas, the German mission Nehemia Christliches Hilfswerk in collaboration with the evangelical churches Treffpunkt Leben Karlsruhe, Gospelhouse Baden-Baden, Gospelhouse Kehl and the local missionaries Jean and Odette Forschlé decided to found the Centre Mitantana (this name means taking a child by the hand in Malagasy).

This centre located in the small rural and very poor village of Ambovo (suburb of Antananarivo) has a primary school, a kindergarten and a health centre. Nehemia Mission and the collaborating churches have set themselves the goal of improving the living conditions of the children of the village and its surroundings in a concrete and sustainable way by meeting their needs in the areas of education, food, health, hygiene and access to drinking water.

Our achievements

  • A primary school from class Cp1 to Cm2
  • 2 kindergarten classes
  • A canteen for a daily hot meal from Monday to Friday
  • Tuition support from college to university
  • Cooperation with  Ambovo Mobile Hilfe Health Centre Madagascar
  • Social assistance for children in serious difficulties
  • Support for disadvantaged families
  • Drilling of wells for access to drinking water
  • Transmission of the Christian faith
  • Financing through sponsorships and donations

From 2007 to 2009 were built :

  • 5 classes for primary school
  • 1 kindergarten class
  • 1 canteen
  • 1 well with its water tower
  • 1 foster home (for children in difficulty)
  • 1 health centre

2013 marks the arrival of Jany and Yasmina Georgette, the new missionary successors of Jean and Odette Forschlé.

In the same year, the CSB (Centre de Santé de Base) was handed over to the NGO MHM (Mobile Hilfe Madagascar) under the direction of Tanja Hock.

In 2015, the canteen was extended.

In 2017, shower cubicles were built for a better hygiene for the chidren

In 2018, a new kindergarten class was buit and  a new well was drilled.

The team


With a monthly donation of 30€, you can become a child’s sponsor